Seven Oils of Love

I promised a while ago that I would discuss one of my new magick oils. This one is unlike anything I have ever done before and comes directly from ancient papyrus on display at the Field Museum in Chicago. I was fortunate enough to get to see the papyrus, which was loaded with all sorts of magickal recipes. It was translated for me and there were a few recipes that were viable, meaning that I could actually secure the ingredients for them.

At first I wasn’t sure what to do with this knowledge as the oil blend, though I was certain this special combination of scents would work at attraction (the Egyptian name for it was Meri Ka, which translates to Soul Love); my conundrum was the cost of the essential oils.

Fortunately I found a supplier who let me purchase very minute amounts of these precious oils. I also decided to add a pheromone to the magick oil to help with the attraction properties.

Here is what goes into creating the oil:

First I prepare my Egyptian altar for working. My mother is a daughter of Isis (also called an Isian) and has some very elaborate Egyptian work-spaces and holy relics. Since I make an offering to Isis, I like to use her consecrated altar to actually create the magick oil upon.

I say a prayer to Isis somewhat like the following –

Awake, awake, awake, Awake in peace, Lady of Peace, Rest thou in peace,
Rise thou in beauty, Goddess of Life
Beautiful in Heaven.
Heaven is in peace, Earth is in peace
O Goddess, Daughter of Nut, Daughter of Geb, Beloved of Osiris, Goddess rich in names!
All praise to You, All praise to You,I adore You, I adore You, Lady Isis!

Then I present my offering, which is usually a candle anointed with Isis oil and a physical offering of myrrh, a rose, carnelian and lapis lazuli, all of which are among the 72 sacred symbols of Isis.

I like to work in the evening, usually on a full moon to make my oils. This is preference and sometimes I have to make oils on the new moon or a waxing moon. I rarely make oils on a waning moon unless they are for Dark Arts purposes such as exorcism, banishings, bindings or clearing out negativity.

I have the seven sacred vials set up on the altar. These have all been previously blessed and consecrated. I light some myrrh incense to further consecrate the working space in the name of the Goddess.

The mixture is very precise and must be warmed and tended to carefully as each essential oil is added to the core mix. I warm the cobalt mixing bottle in my hands. The bottle also contains small lapis and carnelian stones to add energy to the mix.

Once the mix is complete I cap and seal the bottle with golden sealing wax and an ankh for protection. I leave the oil in the moonlight for three nights.

I store the oil for 30 days before it is ready on the next Full Moon.

When I decant the oil I mix it with golden jojoba oil because it has the longest shelf life of all carrier oils. The mix adjusts in the carrier oil and then I put it away for several days before I send it out. It will receive one more consecration before it is sent to a client. The bottle itself will be buried in a pot of myrrh granules and left on the altar for Isis to bless before it is sent.

The Seven Oils of Love are so lovely that many may forget ultimately what the oil does! It smells unlike anything currently available either commercially or from a witch or aromatherapist. The intoxicating aroma has many levels and last all day. It works best on major pulse points and you only need a drop or two. It works for a woman or a man and will attract whomever is your preference.

I am thrilled to be able to offer such a truly ancient recipe for a love attraction oil to my clients. It’s been an adventure just getting to have such knowledge and I am grateful to those who made it possible.

If you’d like to purchase the oil click here.