Strange September

Where did summer go? Monday is Labor Day. I remember it being May and then all of the confusion and stress with moving, the difficulties my dear friend had in July and then this tense past month where it seems that I had no time to relax, no time at all to reflect upon the summer even as it slipped away.

So now September. Magickally a good month – a lovely Wishing Moon this next Full Moon, then Mabon on the Autumn Equinox and my birthday on September 29th.

I’d like to freeze time right about now. This is good. I like being this old and yet still being somewhat young. I like that all the confusion of youth is behind me and the confusion of middle-age is before me. I like that I don’t care so much about what other people think anymore. Not that I ever really did. When you are a witch; you can’t think too much about things like that.

This past New Moon was the first time I had many multiples of five and seven day spells going at once. It was exhausting but in an extremely satisfying way, especially when I got such great feedback on the seven day spells (which involved the clients doing a special something on their end at the same time). The air was positive crackling with raised power.

My seven day spells require a candle to be lit continuously for seven days. The only safe place to leave the candles is in the shower (which is completely walled in with tile and a glass door.). There was a beckoning glow from within the bathroom, everytime I walked into my bedroom. The smell of the fixed candles (candles are fixed with oil, herbs and stones), the special oil burning throughout (I plunge chopsticks into the wax and then load the candles with the oil) was almost euphoric.

First a client emailed me about a dream she’d had. The next clients (same spell) also had dreams. The final client did too. No coincidence. Big power from this spell (BEACON OF LOVE) and within the seven day casting period, unprecedented positive results. I am not surprised. This is pure white magick, the kind that sends super-charged love energy out to the Universe.

It was an absolutely sublime experience, that I hope to repeat again and again.

Next time I’ll tell you about my Egyptian revelation.