I say a little spell for you…

I often cast little spells when I am not casting spells on a moon phase. These are everyday spells, petitions from clients, friends, an email from someone who asks for healing for their father. I like to pay attention as much as possible to these requests because I believe that it is these small daily spells that can truly make a difference.

For someone’s father I chanted to the Medicine Buddha: OM BEKANDZE BEKANDZE MAHA BEKANDZE RANDZE SAMUNGATE SOHA.

For my friend having troubles in Australia, I prayed to the Goddess. For my Mother today I said a simple spell to help her get her energy back after feeling depleted after moving. For myself I said the Buddhist chant OM MANI PADME HUM, just because I needed the comfort of that mantra.

I work a lot with hope. I work a lot with transformational change. Yet I know that we actually control nothing in our lives. I know that we can influence things, that we can change our perceptions of situations but we cannot control them. Everything here that we have on Earth is borrowed and part of an illusory life that exists only in our minds. This is not a present life but a life lived in the past and in the future.

The present is where we actually live. And yet we pay almost no mind to it. We hope for the future and recall the past with fondness. We cling to our memories of yesterday while projecting how tomorrow will be. Yet right here, right now, where we are alive, where we are breathing and standing and feeling; we don’t notice or pay attention. We drift through our lives asleep in the present.

We are never satisfied, because we have no control over the illusions that we call our lives. We have the script but no one else does. We can only direct ourselves and yet we rarely take direction.

Every single day someone emails me or calls me because they are unhappy and suffering. They want me to fix things, to change their lives, to give them something that tells them that they will be all right.

I turn to my Books of Shadow and find the right spell. I find a spell that brings a woman’s husband home from the arm’s of another. I find a spell that helps someone appear more confidant. I find a spell that helps a woman release her inner warrior so she can protect herself. I find a spell that helps heal a broken heart, that communes with the Dark Goddess, that brings peace and protection from the God to a family struggling to keep it together. I find a spell that helps someone find their soulmate.

This is not actually control or manipulation, even the darkest spells still conform to the Laws of Nature. It is a kind of intercesstion, a merging with the Universal energy, a focused intention that weaves itself around the client, around me, around every sentient being on this planet. When I cast a spell, I tap into that energy and give to the wellspring that attaches our higher minds together and simply will it to happen.

The more I do it, the better I get at it. After  years doing it I would say I’ve found many spells to help me get from point A to point B the fastest. I’ve written some terrific spells in my day and then some not so terrific ones too. Those get weeded out from the repetoire. I keep copious notes on spellworkings.

I keep no notes on my every day workings. Those little spells help me get through life. The little spells let me clear my mind of worry, to be able to help those that I can, deal with their lives and make them better.

Today I’m saying a little spell of comfort for a friend’s mother who has been upset. I say a little spell and light a candle for another friend having a tough time with her divorce. I say a little spell for my father whom I’ve not spoken to in months.

I control nothing and through controlling nothing; I have everything.

Amazing Love

The heart has an amazing capacity for love. I am sitting here today still in casting mode (one more night except for the five day spells which are a couple more nights), thinking about the people in my life that I love. I was thinking too about all the love I sent out to the Universe in spells last night, and the love I will be sending out tonight. No matter what happens in the world, the wars, strife, poverty and starvation of our human brethern, no matter how bad it gets; love is the balm that eases our pain and soothes our souls.

A very dear friend of mine, someone I love very much is struggling and enduring a great deal of pain right now. I am unable to help him the way I would like to and it is frustrating to feel so powerless.

In situations like this normally I would turn to magick. My friend doesn’t believe in magick though or at the very least he is unsure and not ready to explore it or commit to it. It is hard for me to just be there for him in the only way possible, with no spells, no potions, no healing herbs, talismans or ancient prayers.

I turn then to the Goddess for guidance and ask for help. I petition Her with my heart and tell Her how much I love this person and how I want his struggle and pain to cease. How I want Her to embrace him even though he doesn’t believe in Her and I ask Her to give him comfort.

There have been feelings that he and I have shared on many different levels but this is the level it always comes back to; that I love him deeply and purely. It has taken me years to come to a point in my life that I can love beyond expectation, that I can give love freely and ask for nothing for myself. Sometimes I forget that this is possible but then I find myself re-learning the truth again and again.

I am grateful for the love in my life, not so much having those around me who love me, as the great honor it is to love them.

In Good Time

I am nearly caught up on dozens of spells that took longer to cast and ship than usual due to still unpacking my house. I know, I know, it has been weeks but give me a break – it’s only me unpacking and my Mom telling me where to put things (she’s the organizer). Thankfully by this next Full Moon, I will have all of my supplies (I needed to re-order many crucial items, like bottles for oils, herbs and some of my candles melted in transit – the soy ones did not hold up).

Just the act of getting everything together and shipping the results to my clients put me in a much better head space. I felt it looming before me, all of these concerned individuals, worried about their spells and wondering – when will it start to work?

This is one of the most important questions I get asked by clients. How long does it take to start working (the spell)? When will I notice a change? When will I have what I desire?

I try to give a reasonable time-frame but the truth is: it takes as long as it takes.

Some spells manifest immediately. No sooner am I finished casting and they have taken hold. I have had numerous clients email me the following day to tell me that they felt “something” change on the day I casted. That is the best circumstance certainly. The spell manifests, the situation changes, the desires are fulfilled and the client moves on to another issue – satisfied and walking on air! I like that too – happy and satisfied clients are what this witch is about!

The standard length of time is several weeks. Yet this depends entirely upon the obstacles to the spell (often there are many) and what the spell is needed to accomplish. Less complex spells manifest faster as a general rule. More complex spells (like one of my most popular ones “Make Them Love Me” ) can take months to come to fruition.

Case in point, a client of mine purchased the above mentioned spell two months ago and everything finally came together for them. It took two months and although they were often frustrated during this time and had to be mollified on several occassions and reminded not to obsess over their spell; it did manifest and they are happily together with their beloved as we speak, now moving in together.

This spell could have taken even longer to work. I’ve had successful results reported as much as a year later. It doesn’t usually take that long, and yet I often tell those who are convinced that it hasn’t worked by the third or fourth month that the slow burn may ultimately surprise them. And I remind them – no matter how long it takes, if ultimately you get exactly what you want – isn’t it worth it to wait?

There are many clients and potential clients who come to me wanting it all and wanting it yesterday. They want this person to love them, they want money in their bank account, they want this person at work to stop bothering them, etc. Often they ask for one big spell to act as a clearinghouse for all their issues.

Magick doesn’t work like that. Magick needs focused will and focused intention. Magick prefers the path of least resistence (always) and will not appreciate broad casting. Magick likes specifics.

One spell will do one thing. There are some spells (like my “Magnetic Attraction” ) that can have spill-over results into other areas of an individual’s life. My “Reality Shift” spell is also able to be used for more than one issue; yet a client can only shift into one possible reality at a time. These shifts can flow into one another however.

The best way to insure that your spell will have excellent results is to not to have someone casting dozens of spells at the same time on the same issue. It always comes down to focus. And it comes down ultimately to the client.

I can cast dozens of spells over a particular moon-phase and maintain my focus. But I am a witch who has been doing this since I was fifteen years old! For the layman, focusing just on one or two issues will be enough to keep them busy through manifestation. Keep this in mind before you over-cast.

And give time, time. Stay positive. Don’t obsess. Don’t email me every day or every week asking me WHEN? Let magick work its magick.

Postscript: Thanks to those who were concerned about my water issues in my new home – everything has been resolved and it has thus far not cost me anything. The sulfur smell is gone, but the water is a little hard so I may need a softener. The house is coming together nicely too, though do not mention scorpians to my Mother or she will freak!