Curses – foiled again!

Though this may upset some of you reading this I have something very important to tell you: YOU ARE NOT CURSED! You have not been hexed and no one has laid the voodoo down on you. Nor have you been hoodooed, vodee-o-doed or otherwise maliciously messed with by magickal means.

I could make a fortune if I wanted to by removing curses and hexes like the charlatans do. It’s so easy to convince someone that the bad luck or less than stellar good fortune in their lives is someone mucking about with black magick trying to ruin them.

Most people would rather hear that they are hexed or cursed than hear the truth. If it is a curse then it is not their fault that their life is a mess. It is someone else doing this to them. They are the victims of a malicious attack.

Every day someone writes to me to tell me that they are cursed. Today someone who clearly needs medical attention wrote to me asking me to remove a hex as if that was what was making them sick.

Your Suburban House-Witch has been around the block a time or too and I must tell you that in my many years of spellcasting I have yet to actually come upon anyone who has been successfully cursed by an outside source. Perhaps someone may have intended to do so but ultimately the only person who can curse you is you.

Yet curses still exist. In fact I offer an old Stregha curse on my site. Does it work? Perhaps. I have never cursed anyone so I don’t know but I am sure there are those who have used the curse and at least felt that it was a success and ultimately that is the goal. As much as I can tell you with certainty that you are not cursed, I can also tell you that curses are not something I would ever fool around with – just in case. That is how I deal with the Dark Arts – with a hands-off policy.

Here is what I know about curses:they are never cast arbitrarily. Plus they require 100 times more focus and will behind the intention than a positive spell. If someone truly wants to devote a huge chunk of their time and focus to cursing you; be assured that you will know who this person is and why they feel so wronged and it will be a big one. Like stealing their husband or wife or taking their money or ruing their life in some way. In other words it is rare for someone to curse another who is completely innocent of any wrongdoing.

So before you write to me to tell you that you are cursed (which I know you are not); think it through.

Think about what you could have done that could have destroyed someone’s life. Because that is the only reason anyone would ever spend time, energy, will and money to curse another. And it won’t work anyway unless you actually BELIEVE it will. If you do believe it – you will be in effect, cursed.

I am telling you that you are not cursed. Honestly. Because your life is not the way you want it or because you went to some witch/astrologer/psychic charlatan who told you, you were cursed (and they can get rid of it for $500) does not in any way mean that you are cursed.

There is one certain, surefire way to know 100 percent that you are not cursed.

Don’t do anything to someone that you would not like done to you. Do unto others. If you give compassion and lovingkindness that is what you will get in return.

No one curses a nice person.