Witches Cabinet

Let me tell you about my witches armoire.

The cabinet that holds all of my spellworking supplies that include herbs, oils, candles, crystals, curios, parchment and various ritual items has never been truly organized. I had a system that involved ziplock freezer bags for many items, plus some Rubbermaid boxes I got at Wal-mart.Everything was dismantled when I moved and now I’ve got 26 boxes waiting to go back into the armoire.

The cabinet is enormous. It is 9 feet tall with doors that look like they belong on a Spanish Abbey. This armoire wants to be filled with incense and herbs, powders and potions. It begs to be opened and its contents rifled through for the right candle and spell oil.

In addition to the armoire, I have a newly dedicated temple/meditation space that will be used for spellcasting and Buddhist meditation. It is not a huge space (9×6) but large enough for my altars and my well-worn zafu and zabuton (that is getting more than a little flat as a matter of fact!). This small room has the benefit of being part of my bedroom suite, so for the first time I will not have to bring supplies to another part of the house from the armoire. It will not be large enough to have more than one other witch with me when casting but with my new large backyard and soon to be outdoor altars (and fire-pit), we will be able to commune with nature as intended.

I am not sure how plentiful the pagans are in Central Florida (where I just moved), especially as this seems to be the Baptist Capital of the state. Nothing against them, though I’m fairly certain they would not be so tolerant of me.

We’ll see how the neighbors react too to a chanting, dancing witch in her backyard under the Full Moon at midnight.