Spellcasters Online

I recently answered an email from a client who asked about finding legitimate spellcasters on the internet. Since I give some tips for finding the right spellcaster It hought it might be interesting to post here.

Hi Gina, thanks for your email. I am always interested to see what other witches (andthose who are actually charlatans) are doing on the web. It pains me to see so many but that is the nature of the business. It is very easy to set yourself up as something you are not and that can make it very difficult to find a spellcaster who is legitimate.

When looking for a legitimate spellcaster you should consider several things:

You will need to do your homework. Check out the domain name if possible to see who it is registered to. (check out any domain name by using whois.org) If it is registered by a private registrar (such as domains by proxy as many of the sites listed on the fake review sites are), consider that it means these people have something to hide.

By that same token – how accessible is the spellcaster – do they use their real name (at least somewhere at some point) and will they call you or can you call them? But even this can be misleading. There is one site run by someone on that list that sells black magick for the most outrageous prices (usually $1500- $3000) and they list all their contact information including their home address and phone number. The man running that site is one of the biggest charlatans going. I have had many clients who have been duped by him and his cronies who cast “spells” with him. Even if the person is up front about their real name and will call you or you can call them it does not guarantee legitimacy.

Allnof these “rate the spellcasters sites/forums” are bogus as well as meaningless. Just because a spell does not work for someone cannot possibly mean that the spellcaster did not do their job (unless of course they are a charlatan and didn’t cast the spell at all!). So much depends on the client following directions, as well as being honest that it would be impossible for one person to rate a spellcaster based upon extremely biased context. Perhaps the client didn’t follow through as they should have or perhaps they lied to the spellcaster (a common reason why a spell doesn’t work). Spells are like prayers, they are highly individual and each person brings something different to the spell, so there is no way to grade legitimate spellcasters.

Charlatans out there make themselves known right away. They will lie. Cajole. Promise the most unrealistic results imaginable. They pull all kinds of con games with people. Cast one spell then get the person to pay more for the same spell. Usually their prices are way too low ($30 for a spell) or way too high ($1500 for a spell).

Many times people will throw all kind credentials up on a site. Some may even be real. For instance I am an ordained minister myself. I am also a reiki master. I also have college degrees too but most people who do this don’t mention anything like that. They just focus on certificates that can be obtained through at-home study programs. There is nothing wrong with this – but just because you have a certificate that says you are a psychic does not mean you are.

One of the best ways to discover a charlatan is by their invented history. Often charlatans are very creative with their histories. They will talk about being in the family business, the child of witches whose family of witches goes back thousands of years.

On that count, modern day witchcraft is still in its infancy. People running around saying that they were from secret families of witches is absurd. There may have been extremely isolated enclaves but it’s doubtful that they were in this country or anywhere but Europe and those would have been so few to even be counted. The original witches (who brought Wicca to the modern age) were only a handful of people. There were no secret societies of witches practicing on their own for thousands of years. There were secret societies that did not practice witchcraft but were similar in other ways (like the Freemasons) but anyone claiming that they are from a family of witches would be the exception rather than the rule.

Be wary of anyone’s history that includes things that sound like they came from a book. Most witches are quiet and unassuming and do not tell too much about how they learned what they learned. One of the creeds of a witch is to after all, be silent.

Real witches are hard to find in any guise but the internet makes it very difficult to discern. I’ve been online now for three years. I do not hesitate to let people know who I am and I am always available if you need to speak to me personally (through texting, instant message and email). There is no one else who works with me, so you are never handed off to someone, you correspond with me from beginning to end. I live this life. I am open to discussing many of my personal experiences as a witch.

I am sure there are others who have integrity and just want to HELP who operate in a similar way. At least I hope so. I cannot bear to think of how many people have been soaked by some of these con-artists. Like I have said before – If you don’t get help with me – I still want you to get help with someone and I will do whatever I can to help you find a legitimate spellcaster.

Blessed be,