Real Magick?

Many of my clients come to me after they have been to one of the hundreds of charlatans and con-artists that litter the Internet promising everything from physical impossibilities (make your – insert body part here – larger) to complete garbage like faux Black Magick spells that will kill someone or cause them such horrific physical suffering they will wish they were dead.

Clients will ask me if this magick is real. Clients will ask if they should be afraid of such shysters. Clients will ask if there is any truth to these outlandish claims. Then clients will tell me how (wonder of wonders) all this promised “magick” never happened and now they are out anywhere from $1500 to $3000 or even more!

This brings me to a definition I have used since the beginning of my indoctrination as a witch and I will share it here and go through it step by step as to what magick is and what it is not.

The quote is as follows (and attributed to Aleister Crowley): His integration of Nietzschean thought along with principles derived from the science of psychology, were one of his largest contributions to modern occultism. Crowley defined magick as “the Science and Art of causing Change to occur in conformity with the Will”, and argued that every intentional act is a magickal act .

Magick to me is both Science and Art. Much of Science was once considered magick until theorists proved their theories to be true by using empirical evidence. Considering this, much of what is currently thought of as magick is just scientific theory waiting to be proved.

Magick is also Art. It is a creative medium, a way of expressing deeply rooted belief in the interconnectedness of all things. A ritual is a way to connect and make real these beliefs as well as to make an offering to the Universe (or whatever deity is chosen) to express divine love. The creative power in magick is equal to the science of the craft.

When clients come to me they are looking for Change. They want to Change their circumstances, to make their Intentions real. To accomplish this their Will must be directed toward their Intention.

I act as the intermediary (like a Priest in the Catholic Church – I bet they love this analogy) and deliver their request through ritual spellwork to make their Intention known to the Universe. I am a conduit and my power and ability comes from repeatedly casting spells and participating in rituals. Like a meditation master I have a way to simply, effectively and calmly assert my Will; which is to bring my clients Intentions to manifestation. Since I have a background in doing this and have dedicated my life to it, spells from me are a much quicker and certain way to achieve your goals.

Example: a client comes to me looking to get a person they loved who has left them back into their life. After discussion with the client I will determine the best way to approach this Intention. They want the person back in their life and I will find the right spell to help them deliver their Intention to the Universe. Some spells are more direct than others and some are more risky than others. Some spells come with consequences. Some spells demand a karmic price for their use. I will do my best to find the right spell to fit the situation.

However there is only so much I can know and can do with the information that is offered to me. Clients can sometimes withhold information or even lie to me. They may be embarrassed or feel awkward regarding issues of a personal nature and in keeping information from me or by not telling me the entire truth they inadvertently cause the spell to be ineffective.

When a spell fails this is most of the reason why. The other commonality I find is that many clients do not follow-through on the instructions that are sent to them. The final percentage of spell failure is the Universes way of telling you that you need to move on.

Sometimes what the client wants is wrong. They want the impossible. They want something that will ultimately be harmful to themselves or to others involved. They have not thought through their Intention and while they believe that their Intention is pure, it is not – it is riddled with ego and selfishness.

How can you use magick to get what you want? Just ask for what you want after making sure that you are not attached to the outcome. Obsessing over the outcome will only cause failure. Magick is not like On Demand cable TV. You don’t just press a button and have a spell cast and get what you want. There are many issues to contend with, especially when your desires involve the path of another person.

You must above all else be one hundred percent truthful to your spellcaster. Tell them the ENTIRE truth. Even if it is messy. Even if it is ugly. Even if you are embarrassed or feel humiliated by the events that took place. If your spellcaster is a real witch they are bound by moral and ethical codes that keep your information private and discreet.

I am an ordained Minister and High Priestess. I have taken oaths. I do not judge my clients but accept them faults and all with complete compassion. When you are looking for a spellcaster you will need to consider such things. When you are looking for REAL MAGICK you will need to be smart about it too. Certainly we all want what we want but people who promise you the impossible by playing on the mystique of magick are con-artists, not true witches or magick-users.

I won’t tell you what happens in my spellcasting. That was one of my oaths. To keep silent. I won’t let you see my Books of Shadows for I do not let anyone outside my family coven see them. I will not show you some elaborate “magickal chart” that is supposed to be a “spell”. I will not show you a beribboned wax effigy in a photograph and say – oh, yeah, that is the spell. Charts can be artistic and pretty and wax effigies are certainly impressive but that is not where the magick is. Magick is not a THING. You can’t hold it in your hand and put it up on the wall.

There are often spell results after a spellcasting but these are just results. Not the magick itself. Sometimes clients have to do something with the results but this is part of the spell to connect the person to the work. Occasionally there is no need for that, depending upon the spell.

There are all kinds of magick, many different mysteries. Yet all follow Natural Law. What is not possible according to Natural Law is not possible in magick. Take care when dealing with casters who claim they can control the elements and can “destroy” someone with a mere thought. Wonder why if this were possible they are selling their spells on the Internet and not controlling the world.

Ultimately it is caveat emptor. Hopefully I have given you some tools to accomplish this.

The most powerful spells I cast do not even involve spell components – no candles, herbs, stones or sigils. These spells use words of power and intense trance and meditation. No flash. All substance.