Psychic Occurences

When I have moments of psychic clarity I do not usually discuss them. I note them in my journal or Book of Shadows – these coincidences, these crossovers from the astral plane that leave such glaring noise in the mundane reality. The small every day kind I usually neglect. I may note it in passing but they happen with such regularity that I would spend too much time cataloging them, so I don’t.

The big ones though, do tend to stop me in my tracks.

The best ones are the ones that get written down. I will unknowingly write something in my journal a day before or several days before it happens. Then I will realize, I wrote exactly that in my journal! I go back and read it and shiver.

Did I know when I wrote it? I usually have a feeling. This can be like goose-bumps, or a sudden inexplicable chill or even a flood of prickly warmth. I need to pay more attention to these things. I have been telling myself that for years. Pay more attention. Something unique is happening.

The dreams I have are more in depth, easy to cope with as I recall them later and write down what I saw. For some reason I feel more comfortable with psychic dreams. I am already in a deep other-mind state so I can accept what I see as the precognition it is. My dreams are accurate and more obvious, even though there are often symbols to define. I am better at doing that than dealing with the day to day occurences or the waking big whammies.

I wish I had more helpful psychic experiences. I can use my abilities in trance-work and in readings but over-all it is raw and unfiltered. Like a radio station that comes in enough to hear some songs but no news. I cannot predict disasters. I cannot find lost children. I do not help the police with investigations. I don’t know if I can, I have never tried but I would not like to waste anyones time so I don’t offer myself to do such work. I wish I could control this ability better. I wish I didn’t dislike it so much.

For my own future or the future of my loved ones, I get random information, most of it unimportant. I often know where someone will go before they do. I can predict traffic problems and can see an accident before it happens. I am a good person to have in the car as a passenger for this reason.

Also with myself regarding accidents, I can often avoid them, but sometimes I don’t realize what I have seen right before it happens. And then it happens. Listening to my own intuition is one of the most difficult parts of using any ability like this. Even after so many years I have doubts. Even when it is written down in black and white and then then it happens a day later and I can reference it and know without a shadow of a doubt that I had a precognitive experience there is a fearful part of me still shaking my head refusing to believe it. Not wanting to.

People come to me because they want to know the future. I am happy to tell them what I see, to answer their questions, to give them guidance. Yet in my own life, I prefer to be the guest who doesn’t know about the surprise party in their honor.