New Moon on Monday

Spellcasting wipes me out.

I remember the days when I was not a witch for hire where in a busy month I might have cast a whopping three spells. Now these three spells would usually fall on the New Moon and Full Moon, so I wouldn’t stress myself out from all the energy I would expend.

As a professional witch, each moon can have anywhere from 20-30 spells with additional spells occuring sometimes on the waxing and waning phases. For three years I have been working like this with the spells increasing and my circles extending from one day to usually three per moon-phase.

I’m not complaining certainly – this is what I was born to do. I am a witch, what other purpose would I have except to be casting spells? The more spells I cast, the more power is raised during the casting. I often have sisters and brothers join me (as well as family members) for big celebrations, like Beltane, which is tonight.

My witch business is doing well and yet I find now that it takes me much longer to re-charge myself following a spellcasting. This past New Moon it took me two days of nearly constant sleep to replenish what I had put into the two days of spellcasting. It wasn’t even a heavy load either – only 24 spells.

I must remember that these are not the same spells I started my business with. These are advanced spells, many of them multiple day spells that involve much more than lighting a candle and sprinkling some herbs. I can’t be modest about it; I have seriously advanced in my spellcraft and am making good use of this by offering my knowledge to my clients.

But I think I need a break. A vacation. A weekend off.

Not tonight. Tonight is the beginning of Spring, tonight is the celebration of those new-born buds, growing to reach the sun. Tonight is a dance around the maypole with a flower crown (called chaplet) in my hair, with ribbons on my wrists (red & white) and silver bells on my ankles as I dance.

And dance I will – dance the Beltane fires until they are embers.