Do I Believe?

In one of my conversations with a friend about my being a witch, he asked me if I “believed” in the spells I cast. Actually he was more incredulous and posited – well you don’t actually believe in spells do you?

Sometimes it is difficult for me to remember that not everyone is familiar with the life I lead or with Earth-based and pagan religions. I take it as a matter of course, it is so much a part of who I am (and always have been) that often I forget and totally assume that everyone around me has the same knowledge and not that they believe those fake Hollywood “Charmed” witch stories. Or that I am in league with Lucifer (as many Chrisitans believe of witches).

Let’s get that Lucifer thing out of the way once and for all.

Earth-based/pagan religions have no ultimate evil, thus there is no DEVIL in the belief system. No matter how Hollywood depicts it (most recently in The Chronicles of Narnia, as the White Witch is a stand-in for Satan), we ( Wiccans/Pagans/Witches) do not believe in a figure of ultimate evil, thus we do not worship any kind of devil or demon.

Those who worship Satan are not witches. They are Satanists. Satanism reverses everything in Christianity – it is a direct result of Christianity. It has nothing to do with Earth-based religions and nothing to do with witchcraft. It corresponds to Christianity (even in Narnia, a Christian allegory – the White Witch is misnamed, she is in fact a Fallen Angel and not a witch at all).

Let me clarify also that although there are Dark Arts in witchcraft, none of them are focused on Satan or a Christian form of evil. That’s something seperate entirely and will take much more explaining on its own.

Back to my friend.

For some reason he would rather see what I do for a living as “entertainment” or at best, a kind of “therapy” but certainly not real magick.

I couched my reply to him in vague terms, letting him believe of me, what he chooses to believe for it is not important to me to have approval from him or from anyone regarding what I do.

My own father cannot even discuss what I do and he has known me my entire life and knew when I was fifteen years old and began my formal training exactly what I was getting into. However since he never participated in it and dismissed it as some silliness that my mother (and her family) were into he never considered that I would decide to live this as my life.

My mother is the major influence in my life. For myself and my brother we have followed her example of compassion, generosity, spirituality, kindness and giving of ourselves to our world and the people in it.

My father does not hold to these same values. He is very corporate and always has been, governed more by profit and loss than compassion and kindness. We are very different. My father does not even try to understand what I do. It is too much to ask.

And too much to explain, as I believe I cannot explain to my friend beyond the concepts that he is willing to open himself to.

But for the record, yes, I do believe.

Out of the Broom Closet

I told one of my closest friends in the entire world what I do for a living. You’re probably wondering why this close friend did not know that I was a witch, since it is something that I live daily in my life. My friend lives in Australia and although we have been close (through email, video and phone) we have actually never met in person, though we have known each other for almost ten years.

Thus, my dear friend did not know that I was out of the broom closet.

I told him today.

It was 4 am in Melbourne, Australia, when he called me, 2 pm my time. He couldn’t sleep. He was jazzed about a writing project we are working on together (I may be a witch as a profession, but I still write as a profession too!).

After the shock (only a mild shock as my friend is very open-minded), he went to my site and saw for the first time what I have been doing on the web for the past few years.

He was characteriscally cool about the whole thing (as I knew he would be), yet he may or may not have totally understood what it means to be a practicing witch. I was clear however that I was not Wiccan, as he well knows I am Buddhist and that kind of confused him.

Telling people what I do is a rarity. You don’t just pop-in to the local coffee-clatch and say oh yeah, I’m a witch. That will get a big cross burnt on your lawn in this neck of the woods.

When people ask me locally what I do for a living, I tell them I have some websites that I run and that I write, both of which are true. I don’t give out the site name of my spell site or of this blog.

My father, although aware of my metaphysical background had no idea what I was doing for a living when I told him about a year ago. His was response was similar as when I told him I became Buddhist. He told me not to sign anything. I tried to convince him that this wasn’t Scientology.

My dear friend in Australia (who already confirmed that he believed me to be quite a kook as it was) thought that in terms of a creative business it was brilliant. I left out the the witchy aspects which I felt from Australia he would have difficulty grasping. Not the dancing naked around a bonfire thing though.

I actually think he would quite well understand that and in fact, probably encourage it!