Moon for the Misbegotten

It usually takes me about two days to fully recover after a casting. This past Full Moon was more difficult than most as I had many time-consuming rituals including two that involved another witch who helped me get in and out of a trance for the “Love Retrieval” rituals.

I learned this technique from a Native American Shaman, called “Soul Retrieval” (a practice that is even more complex than what I do.).

“Soul Retrieval is the recovery of parts of the person that they left or lost somewhere, or that were stolen or borrowed by somebody else. The objective is to make the person more whole and more present. The idea of Soul Retrieval originates in ancient shamanic practices. Native Americans would do it in drumming ceremonies where the shaman would travel off into the past or into alternate realities and find the part of the person that was missing and invite it to come back.”

This is essentially what I do when I do the “Love Retrieval” though I am not looking for missing pieces of the castees soul, but of their love and that of their partner’s love. It is one of the more complex rituals I take part in. I have been doing them now on nearly every moon, and it is quite exhausting.

Since my practice has grown (my witch practice) in the past two years I have cast more spells and rituals in a month than many witches (unless they are also working witches) cast in their entire lives! This past moon I cast 35 spells and rituals. The previous moon I had cast 26.

There are definitely more popular times than others, for instance it does slow down a bit in late summer, but the rest of the year stays fairly consistent. I would have it no other way.

When I think about what I do for a living, I do so with my full heart. I am honored to be able to help people with witchcraft, to talk with them about their lives and the ways they can transform.

In college I studied psychology and philosophy. As a Buddhist I have spent the past six years in intensive study of Tibetan and Zen Buddhism. All of these elements come into my craft and into how I work with my castees (clients).

It isn’t always easy though, for many times a castee wants something that is not good for them. They are victims of what we call “desire and craving” in Buddhism.

The Four Noble Truths:
1. Diagnosis: The condition of all existence is suffering.
2. Cause: Suffering is caused by selfishness, desire and craving
3. Prognosis: Selfishness, desire and craving can be overcome… and then, suffering ends on earth and the cycle of the curse of reincarnation is gone.
4. Treatment: The Eightfold Path:

The Eightfold Path:
1-3- Wisdom (panna):
– Right View
– Right Thought
– Right Speech
4-5- Morality (sila):
– Right Action
– Right Livelihood
6-8- Meditation (samadhi):
– Right Effort
– Right Mindfulness
– Right Contemplation

We are ALL essentially slaves to our “desires and cravings”, which unfortunately can lead to considerable suffering and unhappiness. As a witch I try to help my castees by focusing their wills and intentions on what is best for them (whether they know or do not know what this is.).

One of the most powerful assertions in all the witchcraft I have ever done comes through science in the form of Quantum Physics. Through the marriage of science and craft I have been using “Reality Shifting” to immediately change my own (and others) present circumstances to more focused realities.

This “shifting” can help anyone and can allow for more positive paths to be traversed. There is also a greater component to the “reality shifting” that prepares us for new realities such as the astral and to face our own alternate reality of death when that time comes.

I was happy to see castees choosing this ritual. It involves a deep commitment to CHANGE and a proactive interest in one’s own life. It will absolutely take you somewhere you have never been before. And that possibility is where magick lives.

Love never goes out of style (Thank Goddess!) and I did more than a few love spells to coincide with Valentine’s Day on this past Full Moon. The extra boost of energy from the loving atmosphere was a terrific boon to my work and those who were having love magick worked on this moon were very fortunate.

For myself, I had a great deal of love for my distant soulmate and for those close-by too. Especially my dear immediate (and extended) family. I had castees who sent Valentine’s Day greetings too which was absolutely charming and lovely.

I am so fortunate to do this work!