Loving you is easy

Do you know that most of my clients want love more than money? That was surprising to me too when I started working with clients many years ago. I put a great deal of energy into prosperity and abundance magick and yet everyone who seemed to contact me was only looking for one thing: love!

Love is tricky though because it involves the free will of another person. I’m here to tell you as your favorite Suburban House-Witch, free will is the sticky wicket for those of us in the magick biz. There are spells that seem to manipulate it, even spells that claim to counter it (file those under the heading of Dark Arts, please); yet the common working knowledge of magick is: as above, so below. In other words, since free will is a Law of Nature, it is thus, one the witch must contend with.

I’ve probably cast a couple of thousand love spells in my lifetime. Not for myself, but for other people. I have to date NEVER cast a love spell for myself. Aha! That must mean something! It does, my dear, it means that although I believe implicitly that love magick can help you to get what you want and desire, I have personally opted to let the Goddess and the Universe at large make my love decisions for me.

My husband and I have a completely enjoyable relationship. He is a remarkable individual, highly intelligent, a great sense of humor and rock n roll good looks (he looks like Rod Stewart’s twin brother). He is nearly 20 years my senior but because he is a musician, this has never been an issue. He seems much younger than he is and I seem much older. Obviously I love him, there is no question about that, but our relationship has moved beyond conditions.

Love like this is different certainly from when we first got together. Now when I think about my husband I don’t think about what he can do to make me happy, I think about what I can do to make HIM happy.

Please don’t think I am  encouraging my husband to find someone else to love – I certainly am not advocating that! A marriage, no matter what stage that marriage is in, should NEVER include infidelity. The kind of love of I am speaking of is empirical. We’ve done it, seen it and in that time I have come to know that I will never be happy being loved by my husband.

Don’t get me wrong – it is not because he doesn’t make me happy – of course he does! And I like being loved, too. However, I know that happiness is not to be found by someone loving and desiring me. It is a pleasurable but impermanent state.

My truest joy comes in loving others. Loving my husband in the way that I do, loving my family, loving my clients, loving my friends, my enemies (in a broad sense, I do not have any enemies I am aware of ), animals, nature and of course Buddha and the Goddess. Singling out one person seems to be pretty limiting, given this incredible capacity that we as humans have for giving and expressing love.

However since I am still human and still working on that whole “desire” thing, I will continue to work on love, no matter what the state of my universal love.

Maybe there is a spell in all of this – a “Universal Love” spell?

Meanwhile, I am dedicating March to something that has little to do with love – yet it is something we all need everyday: MONEY! Finally my work on prosperity and abundance gets its day in the sun (or rather the moon, in my case!)