20 Questions

1. How old were you when you became a witch?

I was initiated into a coven when I was fifteen years old. I studied for a year and a day and took my vows of initiation into the Gardnerian Tradition (it was loosely based on it, though not fully). I was only in a coven for a brief time in my teen years and dropped out when I went to college. I did not practice witchcraft during college (but did still read tarot) as I was investigating other religions aside from Wicca, including Christianity and Buddhism. I started practicing witchcraft again after I graduated college and moved to Key West and got married. In Key West I learned Cuban Santeria and this put me back on the path. I became a Buddhist in 1999 when I took my Buddhist vows, and have practiced as a Buddhist and witch since then.

2. What kind of magick do you practice?

I am an Eclectic Solitary – I practice all kinds of mysteries. Angel Magick, Chinese, Cuban Santeria, Voudou, Hoodoo, Romany (Gypsy), Egyptian, Stregha (Italian), Tibetan, Hindu, Pow-Wow (Pennsylvania Dutch), Faerie, Celtic-Druid, Prussian, Zen, Persian, Dragon, Native American, Macumba (Brazilian), Brujeria (Mexican),  and many others.

3. What religion are you?

I am Buddhist and have been for 13 years. Previously I was Wiccan and Christian, though I don’t consider myself not to practice such mysteries – they are all encompassed as far as I am concerned in Buddhism, since Buddhism excludes no religions.

4. Do you belong to a coven?

I have not in many years. I do like the family a coven supplies and I support them 100 percent.

5. How long have you been a witch on the Internet?

I have been online  as a witch since 2003 and added mysticspells.com a few years ago.

6. What other jobs have you had aside from being a witch?

I am a writer and freelance journalist and have been a magazine editor and non-fiction author. I write mostly now for International tech publications as well as tech and game publications in the US. My background is in technology, video and computer gaming and lifestyle reporting. I have also written for several newspapers as a columnist, a restaurant and nightclub reviewer and had several long-running award-winning websites, one on pop-culture and feminism and the other on computer and video gaming from the female perspective. I currently spend half my time writing and the other half working as a witch. I have completed a book recently that will be published in 2013 and I am currently at work on my third book.

7. Are you married?

I was married  to my husband Sandy Douglas, a musician I met when I moved to Key West after college. He passed away four and a half years ago at Christmas 2007. I started dating again in 2010 and have had one serious relationship.

8. Do you come from a family of witches?

No, though my mother considers herself a Daughter of Isis, and there are definitely some Italians who practice Stregha on my fathers side. I am the only one in my family who is out of the broom closet. My parents were very open in raising their children to embrace different religions.

9. What is your most popular spell?

The Magnetic Attraction Spell is my most popular spell of all time. Recently the Lucky 13 Spell has been rising up to challenge that. My most popular love spell is Make Them Love Me. My most popular money spell is the Chinese Prosperity Spell.

10. Where do you cast your spells?

In the fall and winter I cast outside in my backyard at my fire-pit. I have a small outdoor altar on my porch. In the spring and summer when it is too hot for the fire I cast indoors at my main altar in my meditation room.

11. What is your favorite witch holiday?

My favorite sabbat is Midsummer (Summer Solstice) but I also love Beltane and Samhain (Halloween).

12. Do you sell spells on eBay?

Actually as of August 30, 2012 there will be no more spells and magickal items available for sale on eBay, per Ebay’s policy. This does not affect me since I never sold on there.

13. Do you ever speak to your clients on the phone?

I used to many years ago but the volume of my client requests exceeds the time I have to fulfill them unfortunately. I will occasionally set-up an IM session if needed and am always available through email, Twitter and on Facebook.

14. What are your favorite movies?

In no particular order: Blade Runner, Star Wars, The Lord of the Rings, The Matrix, Inception, Raise the Red Lantern, Ran, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, Kundun, Seven Years in Tibet, Taken, The Chronicles of Narnia, Harry Potter (all of them), Practical Magic, X-Men (all of them) and Memoirs of a Geisha.

15. What is your favorite music?

I love classic rock mostly but I also like Motown, jazz, classical, world beat, new age and ambient.

16. What is your favorite food?

Being half-Italian, that is really my favorite but I am very into all Asian food too – Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Thai and Indian. I love Cuban, Mexican and Spanish too. I’m also a big lover of Southern and Cajun/Creole cooking.

17. What is your favorite book?

Way too many to list – but my absolute number one favorite of all time is “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep” by Philip K. Dick who is also my favorite author.

18. Are you on Facebook?

Yes I am, under Morrigane Raine – you can friend me by clicking this link: FRIEND ME.

19. Do you do any one on one counseling?

I do metaphysical counseling. I have a background in traditional psychology. You can set up an appointment with me through emaii at morrigane@mysticspells.com . I can do the sessions through yahoo or msn chat or on skype or even Facebook.

20. Where do you live?

I live in Central Florida in Ocala. I have lived in Key West and Fort Myers also in Florida and in San Francisco, CA.

3 Thoughts on “20 Questions

  1. hi do you do any exorcism spells because i feel like im invaded by a spirit that will not l leave i cant sleep, i cant cry ,im not in touch with my emotions i hear voices mostly what i hear sounds like people taunting me and i cant stand it anymore i really do believe i have a spiritual problem and i feel like im under psychic attack i really just want my life back

  2. playsis on May 5, 2013 at 7:55 pm said:

    Since you are a witch, isn’t Tantra-Hinduism more suitable for you than Buddhism? I’m not talking of Tantra-sex, but of Tantra metaphysics. spirituality, esp. practices, etc.

  3. Lawrence Bernard on June 25, 2013 at 10:27 pm said:

    I would like for you to cast a attraction spell, and a prosperity money spell. What do I need to do?

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